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Welcome to K & M Maintenance Inc.
Located in Rochester Hills, MI, we provide commercial customers with a complete range of cleaning services.

Whether you need your hair salon cleaned after a hard day at work, or the windows cleaned in your office building, we’re here to help. We have been in business since 1995 and know our business inside and out, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cleaning is offered weekly, bi-weekly, daily, or monthly. We have been providing cleaning services for medical buildings and clinics, office buildings, hair salons, beauty supply businesses, and many more.

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•   Cleaning up after a birthday party
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•   Maintaining a streak-free shine with
         your windows

•   Scrubbing dirt and grime from your ceramic tiles

•   …and more!
Cleaning Tips
Cleaning Tip #1

Remove crayon colors
off a carpet:

Use WD40. Try to apply a drop on a hidden are before using WD40 to remove the spots.
Cleaning Tip #2

Remove ink off of carpet:
Use high concentrated alcohol making sure you get excess amount of the ink off of the item to be cleaned then use a white cloth with alcohol to remove the remaing spot. you may have to repeat this procedure 2-3 times before noticing any results.
Cleaning Tip #3

Remove burned food off
of cooking ware:

Fill the cooking ware with warm water then place a laundry softner sheet in the water. let soak overnight, then lightly remove the burned food with a dish scrubber.
Cleaning Tip #4

Clean red soda off of
handmade wool rugs:

Use club soda. Never try to clean fresh red soda spot with warm or hot water as this may dye the rug and discolor the dyes and pattern. Always try a little hidden area before applying the cleaning method. Also remember to brush the handmade wool rugs in the general direction of the pile.
Disclaimer: K & M Maintenance Inc. will not be responsible for any damages when trying to apply the cleaning methods provided. These methods are
proven to be effective and have been applied by K & M Maintenance Inc. staff. Any attempts by anyone other than K & M Maintenance Inc.
staff to apply these cleaning methods is his/her responsibility.

Counties serviced: Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Lapeer, Monroe, Saginaw
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